Friday, August 25, 2006

The Draft and the Defense

I have received some concerns about both the draft and the defense.

The Draft:

I see a lot of interest in a live-draft. (If you are not intested in the live-draft, it really does not matter since you can set your draft still on auto-picking). Let me look a little bit deeper in Yahoo to see if I can get any better times for a draft. To get full access to all times, they want a league payment of $129.00 (which I am not prepared to pay at this time). Let me look into it a bit more. Are people willing to do the live draft if it is M-F from 10am-2pm?

Defensive Players:

Here is my take on it. If people still hate, I can remove them! First, I thought that having one defensive player (in addition to a defensive team) added quite a cool dynamic to the game. Some games were actually being decided by this defensive player. Also, there were a lot of players to choose from, which allowed anyone to get someone good at any time.

The only thing that bothered me about it was trying to choose between the different types of defenseman: Do you choose a secondary person to get the INT's and TDs or choose the lineman with all of the sacks and tackles? I thought splitting them up would allow us to choose one little DB and one big lineman.

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