Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tomorrow! Let the Games Begin!

Yes, it is finally the beginning of the regular season tomorrow! The draft is done and I have seen a lot of talk, but no action in the league.

Lots of trade talks, but little done. (23 T's proposal to me of Jerry Porter for Chad Johnson was really not going to fly!). I also hear rumors that MJackson's DayCare has been hounding for Reggie Bush. I have a few ideas up my sleave, which I will have to look at tonight. Lot's of good action on everyone's part, though!

And remember to get your starters set up soon! You still have a little bit of time, though. Remember, you can change any player as long as their team has not played yet...that gives you to the weekend on most players.

I expect some good smack, too!

Anyway, just a reminder to get your teams straightened soon!



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