Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 1 Results

Before I post the results, all I have to say is:


Here we go!:

Best Game of the Week: MJacksonsDayCare vs. DaBubbas (It came down to the Mannings and MJDC just got lucky!)

Speaking of lucky...

Comeback of the Week: WallStreetWolves. Being down by over 20 points going into the Charger game, a shut-out game and Shawn Merriman brought them over the top and BIG:

(SD - K)

(SD - DEF)

(SD - DL)


Biggest Point Disappoint of the Week: 23 T's number one draft pick Shawn Alexander: 0.6 points. Who would have guessed? Maybe if he was #23 he would have done better!

Biggest Winner of the Week for Someone Who Doesn't Know What the Hell they are Doing: WhoMadeMe Play: 114 POINTS!!! (The sad thing is that the Spunky Monkeys could have beat 7 other teams this week!)

The BLAH game of last week: ReturningChamps vs SanDiegoSucks (It was a game, I suppose and the Returning Champs did hold ground...barely...)

Biggest Loser of the Week for Someone Who Doesn't Know What the Hell they are Doing:
TVStars; How do you get a Tight End with Negative points? Better start hanging out with the ESPN clan a bit more! At least your TV show was good last week! (Be sure to check out TVStar's new show on Thursday 'Til Death on Fox)...You'll get'em next week!

All in all, it was an exciting first week. I know my game was close all weekend. I gotta run (I have Joe Jurevicius to replace!)



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