Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 2 Results

So here are last week's results:

Closest Game of the Week!: Do you realize that DaBubbas was down by 0.37 points going into the Monday night game and only had my defensive player left? I needed one tackle...I got seven! Phew!

The Team that Loses Last Minute Every Week: 23T's is having two consecutive weeks of leading after Sunday to only lose on Monday (and not much much, either!). Tough luck!

The Team with the Most Transactions: 23T's Again! Wow! I like the enthusiasm!

The Raiders of Our League: TV Stars...46 points this week ain't too hot! At least you had more points than SanDiegoSucks...which, at this point, is not the only thing that sucks!

The Chargers of our League: WhoMadeMePlay? Over 100 points last week and another 99 points this week. Will she start off strong again like last year and eat dirt the second half? We will see!

The Other Powerhouse: MJackson's DayCare...speaking of violation, this team creaming the house!

The Second String Team of Week 3: WallStreetWolves...a Chargers bye literally wipes this team out!

Week 3 Game of the Week: "The Suck Bowl"...who will take the beginning crown of worst team in the league!



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