Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 3 Results

I'm a bit late this week...sorry! I have been busy trying to gather people to sell TMX Elmo products to:

(Now I just hope they come back in stock somewhere!!!)

Enough of my promotion and whining!...

First of all, the results!:


23 T's
MJackson's Day Care

Wall Street Wolves
Returning Champs

Spunky Monkeys
LaRock and Roll

TV Stars
San Diego Sucks

A few big things happened this week:

The Big Winner of the Week: TVStars! A win! Of course, I hate to rain on your parade, but San Diego Sucks had two BYE week players and an IR player.

The Biggest Loser, Period: SanDiegoSucks...If you think San Diego sucks, you should take a closer look at your team!

The Biggest Fall Last Week: MJackson's seems as if the 23 T's drove his car through the Neverland Ranch!

The Big Boys!: WhoMadeMePlay? and LaRocque and Roll...Of course the first doesn't have a clue what she's doing and the second knows everything about what he is doing. Go figure?

The Best Loser Team: Spunky Monkeys - Does everyone realize that this team has the 231 total points and is 0-3 (compare that to SanDiegoSucks at 132!...boy that team sucks!)

The Team Most Like to Spawn Testosterone - Returning Champs...3 boys under one afraid, be very afraid!

Game of the Week: MJackson's DayCare Vs. WhoMadeMePlay?...if MJDC rebounds from this past dismal week, there may be a chance to dethrown the leader. Maybe if TO did kill himself, you would be getting better numbers!!!

Until next week!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 2 Results

So here are last week's results:

Closest Game of the Week!: Do you realize that DaBubbas was down by 0.37 points going into the Monday night game and only had my defensive player left? I needed one tackle...I got seven! Phew!

The Team that Loses Last Minute Every Week: 23T's is having two consecutive weeks of leading after Sunday to only lose on Monday (and not much much, either!). Tough luck!

The Team with the Most Transactions: 23T's Again! Wow! I like the enthusiasm!

The Raiders of Our League: TV Stars...46 points this week ain't too hot! At least you had more points than SanDiegoSucks...which, at this point, is not the only thing that sucks!

The Chargers of our League: WhoMadeMePlay? Over 100 points last week and another 99 points this week. Will she start off strong again like last year and eat dirt the second half? We will see!

The Other Powerhouse: MJackson's DayCare...speaking of violation, this team creaming the house!

The Second String Team of Week 3: WallStreetWolves...a Chargers bye literally wipes this team out!

Week 3 Game of the Week: "The Suck Bowl"...who will take the beginning crown of worst team in the league!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 1 Results

Before I post the results, all I have to say is:


Here we go!:

Best Game of the Week: MJacksonsDayCare vs. DaBubbas (It came down to the Mannings and MJDC just got lucky!)

Speaking of lucky...

Comeback of the Week: WallStreetWolves. Being down by over 20 points going into the Charger game, a shut-out game and Shawn Merriman brought them over the top and BIG:

(SD - K)

(SD - DEF)

(SD - DL)


Biggest Point Disappoint of the Week: 23 T's number one draft pick Shawn Alexander: 0.6 points. Who would have guessed? Maybe if he was #23 he would have done better!

Biggest Winner of the Week for Someone Who Doesn't Know What the Hell they are Doing: WhoMadeMe Play: 114 POINTS!!! (The sad thing is that the Spunky Monkeys could have beat 7 other teams this week!)

The BLAH game of last week: ReturningChamps vs SanDiegoSucks (It was a game, I suppose and the Returning Champs did hold ground...barely...)

Biggest Loser of the Week for Someone Who Doesn't Know What the Hell they are Doing:
TVStars; How do you get a Tight End with Negative points? Better start hanging out with the ESPN clan a bit more! At least your TV show was good last week! (Be sure to check out TVStar's new show on Thursday 'Til Death on Fox)...You'll get'em next week!

All in all, it was an exciting first week. I know my game was close all weekend. I gotta run (I have Joe Jurevicius to replace!)


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tomorrow! Let the Games Begin!

Yes, it is finally the beginning of the regular season tomorrow! The draft is done and I have seen a lot of talk, but no action in the league.

Lots of trade talks, but little done. (23 T's proposal to me of Jerry Porter for Chad Johnson was really not going to fly!). I also hear rumors that MJackson's DayCare has been hounding for Reggie Bush. I have a few ideas up my sleave, which I will have to look at tonight. Lot's of good action on everyone's part, though!

And remember to get your starters set up soon! You still have a little bit of time, though. Remember, you can change any player as long as their team has not played yet...that gives you to the weekend on most players.

I expect some good smack, too!

Anyway, just a reminder to get your teams straightened soon!