Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 4 Results!

WOW! What a crazy week!

Where to begin?

Team Deserving to Lose this Past Week: LaRock and Roll...Anybody who starts Alex Smith doesn't deserve to win anything! (You would have been better off not even having a quarterback this week: -1.4 points! OUCH! That cost ya first place!)

Big, BIG Winner of the Week: TV Stars! Where did THAT come from? Two in a row and the most points of the week! (Stop talking to those ESPN guys...they are making us look bad!)

BIGGEST loser of the week: Spunky Monkeys...winless and then LOSING to the LOSINGEST team in the league (SanDiegoSucks) while he had FOUR!!! players not active is a new LOW for not only this league, but the existance of all Fantasy Football leagues!

Annoying Game of the Week: DaBubbas losing by 2 points (AGAIN!) to the Returning Chumps...I mean Champs!

WhoMadeMePlay?: Nobody! Get the hell out of our league! You are making us look bad!

Big Game of Next Week...Well, there is really not any great games, but can 23T's get out of its slide (and the loss of Shaun Alexander) to finally dethrone WhoMadeMePlay?