Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fantasy Football Week...who knows!

Ok, so I have been failing as commissioner of late. I am very aware that I have missed the last two weeks of my blog update. So here is my excuse!:

By the time I actually get the final results of the week (which is Tuesday), it gets lost in all of my other weekly activity. I feel that I perpetually live online these days and for some reason it slips my mind. Add the fact that my work blocks all fantasy football pages, I am stuck writing it in the wee hours of the night.

So that is my excuse! If you don't like it, TS!

Let's start talking football and a CRAZY one it was this week. Do you realize that there were two games that were decided by less than ONE POINT!? For the 23 T's, that is really a blow since you lost (barely!) to the non-participant C-Dawg Sucks (I think I am going to manually go in a change San Diego Sucks to this because a) this person does nothing to manage his team and b) he probably won't even know!). Now the other game should have been the game of the week and WhoMadeMePlay, Mr. Highhorse of the league, or WAS is now scrambling with a two game losing streak by losing to one of the big hitters LaRockAndRoll. Is the beginning of the same big slide WhoMadeMePlay went through last season?

Meantine, Return Champs has risen alone to the top of the heap while MJackson's day care continue on a mild slump. TV Stars (who is going to get their TV producing ass kicked this week) still bounces around a win here and a loss there. (By the way, the Chiefs are pretty lucky!). WallStreetWolves is on a little bit of a hot streak (those Chargers are coming through once again) and SpunkyMonkey, well, still pretty much sucks.

A recap of the scores:

Wall Street Wolves

Spunky Monkeys
MJackson's Day Care

San Diego Sucks
23 T's

LaRock and Roll

TV Stars
Returning Champs