Thursday, January 04, 2007

We Have a Winner!

Hey All,

Well, I cannot say that I was active as I would have liked to have been this fantasy football season. Between my online business, my trip to Australia, and the holidays, I felt that I kind of failed a bit as commission (and as a team did lousy!). But, I am here to officially crown the winners of this years league:


We have a repeat! And who said that fantasy football was just luck? Coming in second, was LaRock and LaDainian. Uh...unfortunately for this team, LT chose to have an off day this past week. If he had his normal 30+ points per week, this would have been more of a game. And coming in a strong third place was MJacksons Daycare. (By the way, what happened to WhoMadeMePlay? again this year? Wasn't she leading the league into week 8?). So the prize money breaks down as follows:

1st Place: Returning Champs ($70)
2nd Place: LaRock and Roll ($20)
3rd Place: MJackson's Daycare ($10)

And for the rest of you losers, you get nothing. And even though I wasn't as active this year as last, I still had a fun time playing and I hope we can do this again next year, too!

Go Chargers!